Get your Lotto Numbers Ready – 2 x $50 Million Jackpots

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Get your lucky lotto numbers ready this week for two massive $50 Million jackpots.

To start there is Tuesday Oz Lotto on 31 July 2018 which has jackpotted to $50 Million. Then on Thursday 2 August 2018, Powerball has also jackpotted to a life-changing $50 Million prize pool.

Oz Lotto $50 Million Jackpot – Draw No. 1276 – Tuesday 31/7/2018

For your chance to win Oz Lotto you need to match all seven winning numbers.

Powerball $50 Million Jackpot – Draw No. 1159 – Thursday 2/8/2018

For your chance to win Powerball you need to match all severn winning numbers from the first barrel and then also have the eighth number, the Powerball, from the second barrel.