Saturday Lotto

Saturday Lotto is the third Gold Lotto draw every week in Australia, after Monday and Wednesday Lotto.

When Can I Play Saturday Lotto?

As the name suggests Saturday Lotto is played every Saturday in Australia. The lotto close time will depend which state lottery you are in. For example:

  • NSW Lotteries – close time 7:30pm.
  • Tattersalls – close time 7:30pm.
  • Lotterywest – close time 5:00pm.
  • SA Lotteries – 7:00pm.

You can check the exact time of the draw on your lottery ticket.

How to Play Saturday Gold Lotto

1. Buy an entry.
Note: Prices can vary depending on which state lottery.

    You can purchase your Saturday Lotto entries either at an authorised retailer like a newsagent or online.

    2. Either pick your own numbers or take a QuickPick or randomly generated numbers.

    3. Choose a way to play:

    • Play a standard game by choosing or randomly generating six regular numbers and two supplementary numbers from 1 to 45.
    • Play a multi-week entry for other lotteries during the week with the same numbers for a set number of weeks.
    • Play a “systems entry” where you choose more numbers per game thus increasing your chance to win.

    How Can I Check Results?

    You can visit your state’s lottery website for the latest Saturday Lotto results or else check back here on

    How Can I Win Saturday Lotto?

    Saturday Lotto has 6 prize pool divisions that you could win. Below you will also find the odds of winning each division based on one standard game.

    Division Lotto Numbers Required Odds (1 Standard Game)
    1 All 6 winning numbers 8,145,060:1
    2 5 winning numbers plus either 1 or 2 of the supplementary numbers 678,755:1
    3 5 winning numbers 36,689:1
    4 4 winning numbers 733:1
    5 3 winning numbers plus either 1 or 2 of the supplementary numbers 297:1
    6 1 or 2 winning numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers 144:1

    To purchase your tickets in the next Saturday Gold Lotto click here now.