3 Big Lotto Draws – Oz Lotto, Powerball & Saturday Superdraw

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Get your lucky lotto numbers ready for three big lottery draws in Australia this week.

It all starts with $70 Million in Oz Lotto on Tuesday, followed by $20 Million in Powerball on Thursday and then a $20 Million Superdraw on Saturday.

  • $70 Million Oz Lotto draw no. 1310 – Tuesday 26 March 2019
  • $20 Million Powerball draw no. 1193 – Thursday 28 March 2019
  • $20 Million Superdraw draw no. 3933 – Saturday 30 March 2019

$70 Million Oz Lotto

Tueday Oz Lotto has been climbing for the past seven week and is now up to a huge $70 million jackpot for the division one prize pool.

To win all or a share of the massive Oz lotto prize you need to have all of the seven winning numbers on one game entry. The two supplementry numbers are not used for division one, and are instead used for the other division prizes.

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$20 Million Powerball

Thursday Powerball is once again on the way up, currently sitting at $20 million.

Powerball is the hardest Australian lotto game to win as the you need to have not just the seven winning numbers drawn from the first barrel, but also the single Powerball number drawn from the second barrel, all on the one game entry.

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$20 Million Saturday Superdraw

Saturday Lotto has it’s second $20 Million Superdraw of 2019 up for grabs this weekend.

Because Gold Lotto has the best odds of winning, as you need to have all of the six winning numbers on one game entry to claim division one, the superdraw prizes always go off. In fact the last Superdraw from February gave 12 winenrs over $1.6 million each.

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